August 2019

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July 2019

A great night showing work at Rough Trade with the mighty FILMSHOP collective . . .

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April 2019

A fun show with fun people, who were (in fact) funny.

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Stand Up Set at Eastville. A good room and a good time!

Another Fun Improv Show at The PIT with DNG

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March 2019

A fun improv show with DNG

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February 2019

Stoked to have been accepted into FILMSHOP! Thrilled to be developing new work with such a smart group of artists!

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November 2018 - January 2019


October 2018

Performed at the Laughing Buddha Industry Showcase at The Triad Theater NYC

August 2018

Improv show at the PIT with my fave babes Dad's New Girlfriend

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Just completed my RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and taught my first class at the glorious Laughing Lotus Yoga Center NYC!



July 2018

Happy to appear in this darling little short by Nathan Breton "Third Date."

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June 2018

Just released my first EP, Penguinwolf


Stand Up Vs. Improv # 2 is on!

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April 2018

New monthly show: Stand-Up Vs. Improv

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February - March 2018

Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice, Open Mic, Improv Practice . . . .

January 2018

Deep in the studio mixing / mastering my new music project, a four track EP titled "Penguinwolf"




November 2017

Just Launched a YouTube Channel with Hughes William Thompson: Work From Home

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October 2017

New Music Video: BEANCORE


June 2017

Backstage at UCB Chelsea Del Close Marathon!



Yes! My Improv team APOSTROPHE is playing at The Del Close Marathon at UCB Chelsea! 


I'm stoked to be traveling to Tel Aviv to contribute sounds / music for the Print Screen Digital Arts and Culture Festival!


May 2017

Excited for my UCB Advanced Study Harold Show!


April 2017

New Reel!


February 2017

Back at it with The New York Neo-Futurists in the Neo Show this month!



January 2017

Thrilled that these spots I did a little while back for Optimum Wi-Fi are going to be replayed. Thanks so much to my managers at Nouveaux Talent and Homestead Films!


December 2016

Very happy to be a part of Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 100: Toast

November 2016

Excited to be wrapping up my first original music comedy video, BEANCORE to be released early 2017  . . . here's a still!

September 2016

Proud to have finished up another short film called "Roommates".

August 2016

Back in TMLMTBGB (30 plays in 60 Minutes) for 5 weeks. 

June - July 2016

Excited to be training and doing shows with the newly formed Improv Team, APOSTROPHE.

May 2016

Once again, I'm back performing in "Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes)". I'm in for six weeks and have a lot of writing to do . . .

April 2016

My short film, "The Committee To Decide Things" has been selected for The Artists' Forum Festival of The Moving Image!


March 2016

Back in "Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes)" again for 3 weeks! Still tired from India Tour!

February 2016

We're off! We play Bhubaneswar, Odisha on February 9 and New Delhi on February 11. I'm also honored to be participating in the National School of Drama's World Theater Forum [Feb 17-20], bringing together Directors and Theater Practitioners from all over the world for seminars on "Re-Discovering The Magic of Theater in the 21st Century".

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January 2016

Hard at work prepping / rehearsing Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of O'Neill Volume 1 for India Tour 2016!


October - November 2015

Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of O'Neill Volume 1 Officially Invited to the 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav Theater Festival in India 2016!!

Back in Too Much Light . . . . The theater machine is hungry and I shall feed it!

July-August 2015

Back in Too Much Light Aug 21 - Sep 12!

Excited to be contributing sound design and composition for Cara Francis' show REMOTE at the brand new Knockdown Center in Queens. Here's a lovely little piece on the show from the WSJ!


June 2015

Just shot some amazing and much needed new headshots with the wonderful J. Demetrie Photography. 



April- May 2015

Back in Too Much Light and having a blast with such an awesome cast!


March 2015

We return from the east with countless amazing stories. Our work was received incredibly well and we are humbled by our experiences. As it turns out, Indian audiences LOVED our take on O'Neill.

February 2015

After a quick 3 week run in Too Much Light, we're off to India! We'll play three cities: New Delhi, Aurangabad and Goa. Namaste!

December 2014 - January 2015

Hard at work prepping and raising money for our O'Neill 2 tour to India! We are amazed by how supportive our allies are.

November 2014

O'Neill 2 has been invited to tour India as part of the Bharat Rang Mahotsav Theater Festival in February. With not much notice, we've got a lot of planning to do!

Just shot a short film I wrote and perform in "The Committee To Decide Things" directed by the wonderful Will Thompson. It came out great! 

Overjoyed to be tagging along for Cara Francis opening at TROUW Gallery in Amsterdam with AUNTS.

October 2014

O'Neill 2 is on tour! Well, a one stop tour, but a great gig as the featured performance for the 2014 O'Neill Festival in New London Connecticut. We're honored to share our work and teach students some Neo-Futurism at Connecticut College.

August - September 2014

Back in Too Much Light for a quick run leading up to our 24 hour performance celebrating 10 years in NYC! My slot will run from the beginning of the show, 1030 PM, to 530 AM the next morning. I've got a lot of memorizing to do . . .

July 2014

Thrilled and honored to be participating in Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab. The amount of talented theater artists I am meeting with from all around the world is STAGGERING.

June 2014

After a quick breather for all the excitement of our successful new O'Neill show, I'm back in Too Much Light writing, performing and feeding the theater machine.


March-May 2014

More great news for O'Neill 2: We are a Drama Desk Nominee for Unique Theatrical Experience! Hooray!

This just in: O'Neill 2 is an NY Times Critic's pick!

The final countdown towards our opening of The Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O'Neill, Volume 2 at Theater For The New City. Here we go!

January - February 2014

After participating once again at APAP, I'm back in Too Much Light! Rehearsals for O'Neill 2 continue as we push forward into opening.

November - December 2013

NYNF'S Best of performance rounds out another year of turning out tons of work in Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind!

Back to rehearsals for Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of O'Neill, Volume 2. We learned what our show was at our NACL residency and we now begin the process of honing it . . .

October 2013:

Creating and Performing a new piece with NYNF for "MUTE", a group show of short pieces with no spoken text. My piece is called "Nervous System" and is based on three distinct childhood memories. The show will play the 5th through the 24th at Triskelion Arts i Brooklyn.

Collaborating with Cara Francis on an art / sound installation called "Stand" at The Brooklyn Museum. We're working with the Institute For Psychogeographic Adventure at The BEAT Festival and having a blast!

September 2013:

Thrilled to have just shot a Showtime Pilot called "Happyish" starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman and directed by John Cameron Mitchell! So much fun on set!

Headed up to NACL Theater in the Catskills for a week to workshop Complete/Condensed Stage Directions of O'Neill Volume 2! So excited to get away from the NYC grind for a bit and focus on this new piece.

Thrilled to be working with Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriye crafting sounds and music for "Becoming Corpus" at BAM.

April - May 2013

Hard at work creating and performing in "Soft Hydraulics" with NYNF! This team is amazing . . . we continue to push each other in theater making!

March 2013

Just finishing up a 9 week run in "Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes)" As always, this show pushes me to create outside of the box!

February 2013

Hard at work with the Neo-Futurists on "Soft Hydraulics," an unconventional take on puppetry featuring 5 short work in progress pieces. My piece, "Secret Order" is a live remix of The Shaw Brother's classic 70s kung fu flick "Shaolin Master Killer" and features a puppet made out of found office supplies. It is truly exciting to watch the group channel this sonic re-arrangement.

January 2013

Currently crafting a gritty sound design for Chisa Hutchinson's new play "Alondra Was Here" opening in May at the Wild Project

November 2013

The Complete and Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O'Neill Volume 2: MORE Early Plays / Lost Plays in pre-production for Spring 2014. More info soon!